Workshop Fri 09 Jun 23

Find Your Brand Voice

The Good Stuff Network Edinburgh

Friday 9 June 2023, 9.30am-1pm
Via Zoom

Training & Consultancy

Key Facts

  • Format: Interactive workshop with practical, hands-on exercises.
  • Focus: A practical grounding in brand definition and communication.
  • Open to: Members of The Good Stuff Network Edinburgh
  • Synopsis: This workshop brings together Brand Themes and Brand Traits – two simple principles that will help you develop a clear, distinctive and engaging brand voice across all your communication channels.
  • Learning Outcomes
    • You’ll find out:
      • How to establish the Brand Themes and Brand Traits for your organisation.
      • How they can be used to ensure your key messages and unique qualities are expressed clearly, consistently, correctly and imaginatively across all platforms.
      • How you can use Brand Themes and Brand Traits to assess the effectiveness of your communication materials
      • How they can help guide strategic decisions, align thinking and solve problems in every part of your organisation.
    • You’ll also specify three SMART action points that will help you integrate Brand Themes and Brand Traits into your everyday organisational practice.
  • Duration: 3.5 hours
  • Number of Places: 6
  • What You’ll Need to Take Part
    • A desktop or laptop computer with good audio and video facilities and a stable internet connection.
    • An example of one of your current communication assets that can be shared on-screen on the day. This could be a copy of your logo; a PDF or photo of a business card, leaflet or brochure; the home page of your website; a link to your Facebook page – anything you use to connect with the people you want to reach.
    • A willingness to share your thoughts and contribute to the discussions that the workshop will generate.

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