Brand Definition Workshops

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Brand Definition Workshops

My Brand Definition Workshops are designed to help you develop a clear, distinctive and engaging brand voice that can be applied consistently across all your communication channels: visual, written, verbal and behavioural; online, in print and face-to-face.

As well as providing a central focus for communication strategy, identity design, campaigns and naming, the outcomes of the workshops can be used as reference points for innovation and problem solving across your organisation, in areas such as positioning, team-building and change management.

Brand Definition Workshops


The format is tailored to suit your specific needs, however, the core programme consists of two half-day workshops, one week apart, for up to six members of your team. The workshops are normally delivered at your office or another venue provided by you. They’re designed around a series of questions that help you reflect on what you do, why you do it, and the ways you communicate. Worksheets are provided and no special set-up is required.

You can download further information on the programme content in PDF format here.


After completing the core programme, you’ll have:

  • A carefully considered set of Brand Themes that map out the story you need to tell.
  • A precisely distilled set of Brand Values that define the way you tell your story.
  • A clear understanding of how, where and when to use these assets to connect with the people you want to reach.
  • A set of references that can be used to guide strategic decisions, align thinking, unify opinions and solve problems in all areas of your organisation.

Costs & Bookings

The core programme is priced at £500, however, every month, one slot is made available, free of charge, for social enterprises, charities and community groups.

If travel outside Glasgow is required, time and expenses are charged in addition.

To book your place or find out more, please get in touch.


‘Adam skillfully manages to capture and understand the essence of your business in a short space of time. He worked with the Bike for Good team to help us focus our brand values and themes and really got us thinking. He has the excellent ability to consider ideas from many different perspectives, and provides a structured workshop to aid a deep dive into your ‘why’. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Adam and his services.’
Kimberley White, Communications Officer, Bike for Good, May 2019

‘Adam helped us refine our brand and we were able to come up with new ideas to communicate and share our work. We now have a useful checklist which will inform all that we do and fine-tune our brand essence so it becomes clearer to our costumers and our community whilst also focusing on our environmental values.’
Nadine Gorency (Blanche), Rags to Riches Project Manager, Govanhill Baths Community Trust, March 2019

‘It was such a pleasure to work with Adam to re-brand East End Connections. Adam expertly guided myself and the board through the process and we found the workshops really invaluable, enabling us to work as a group to assess our brand values, mission and vision for the business.’
Fiona Colbron-Brown, Director, East End Connections, March 2019

Adam’s work for us was fundamental in getting our agency off to a flying start. We were able to clarify what we wanted our company to stand for and how we would go about our mission. In helping us develop our company name and branding, Adam encouraged us to evaluate at each stage against the company values we had agreed upon. This made the process, and the resulting brand, very real and true to what we are trying to achieve.’
Ailie Ferrari & Phil Taylor, Directors, Really Engaged, March 2019

‘The brand audit was a useful exercise and has ensured we have streamlined our marketing strategy with a clear and concise vision. The audit is a great starting point for organisations who are embarking on a rebrand, but also a great tool for setting strategies and ensuring that a team and/or board understand the ethos and direction of the orginisation.’
Beth Welsh, Business Development Manager, Pioneer Mutual Credit Union, November 2018

‘Adam has really helped us begin to clarify what our needs are and gave insightful feedback on potential future directions to take. Our work together has certainly been worthwhile.’
Peter Lavelle, Chief Executive, Glasgow Wood Recycling, October 2018

‘Adam was great. He brought out ideas in our team that we didn’t know we had. By the end I felt like we had a clearly defined idea of how we wanted our brand to come across. He was easy going and steered us by asking the right questions; questions that made us stop and think about exactly who we want to be as a company.’
Nicola McHendry, Community Engagement Manager, Maryhill Burgh Halls, October 2018

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