Logo & Identity Design

Logo & Identity Design

Brand Definition & Creative Strategy

I take a strategic approach to identity design. In most cases, the process starts with a Brand Strategy Workshop, designed to establish a clear, distinctive and engaging brand voice that will underpin the design of your identity. The insights generated by the workshop can also be applied to strategies and practices across your organisation as a whole, so it provides real added value.

The logos I design are simply the creative expression of the results of the workshops in a highly condensed visual form. If you’re looking for an identity that truly represents your organisation and your ethos, then please get in touch.

Really Engaged

Really Engaged
Really Engaged is a media, marketing and events agency created to support the higher and further education sectors. I helped the team establish their core brand values and name through a series of Brand Strategy Workshops. I designed the logo to work as a ‘signature’ to convey their personal commitment to their work – an idea that developed out of the branding process.


DemoFest is an annual showcase that highlights the best in informatics and computing science research in Scotland’s universities. The arrows that make up to star in the logo represent the event’s role as a focal point for academia and industry. The asterisc formed by the negative space between the arrows references the ‘Kleene Star’ in the logo of the event’s organiser, SICSA.

The Only Way Is Ethics

The Only Way is Ethics
The Only Way is Ethics was conceived as a space for positive engagement, where different points of view would be welcomed. I designed the question mark / heart device at the centre of the logo to convey this message. See more of this project.

Legacy Research Network

The Legacy Research Network
The Legacy Research Network was established to examine the social, economic and environmental benefits of major sporting events such as The Olympics and The Commonwealth Games. My design references classic Olympic pictograms and colours.

Art Nouveau Logo

Art Nouveau & Natural Forms in Glasgow’s Architecture
I designed this identity for one of a series of annual photographic competitions for schools that was run by Glasgow City Heritage Trust. The styling of the logo set the tone for a presentation pack that I also created, and which featured the winning entries.

Impact Arts Logo

Impact Arts
Impact Arts is a community arts organisation that operates across the Central Belt. I was commissioned to design a strong, bright, approachable and creative identity to echo the confidence and ambition of the organisation’s name and aims.

Fab Pad Logo

Fab Pad
Fab Pad was a programme run by Impact Arts to support young people moving into rented accommodation. The block of coloured circles was suggested by the in-house team. I developed that concept to convey the idea of ‘home’.


Glasgow City Heritage Trust
Glasgow City Heritage Trust champions the city’s historic built environment, with a forward-thinking approach to conservation. The icons that make up the logo I designed reference some of the architectural features in which the Trust has special interest.

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