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Training & Consultancy

Workshops, Talks & Strategic Insights

My Brand Strategy Workshops are designed to help you stand out, engage and connect with the people you want to reach – online, in print and face-to-face. As well as providing a central focus for brand and communication strategy, identity design and communication campaigns, the outcomes of these sessions can also be used as reference points for innovation and problem solving across your organisation, in areas such as naming, positioning, team-building and change management.

There are seven workshops to choose from. Six are offered on a ‘Pay-What-You-Can’ basis, with one slot per month available completely free of charge for organisations that don’t have a budget to make a payment. The other workshop – Set Your Course – is currently being offered free of charge as part of a pilot process. You can also book bespoke consultancy and troubleshooting sessions to address specific issues around brand communication. 

Foundations of Branding

1-hour Seminar 
An introduction to the key principles of branding. 

Brainstorm Your Brand Comms

2-hour Q&A Session 
A brand communication problem-solving workshop. 

Get Your Message Across

2-hour Workshop
A simple formula for effective brand communication.

Get Your Look, Set Your Tone

2-hour Workshop
A simple technique for engaging brand expression. 

Find Your Brand Voice

3.5-hour Workshop 
A simple framework for brand definition and communication. 

Build Your Brand Identity

2 x 3-hour Workshops
A structured pathway to a compelling Brand Identity.

Set Your Course

3 x 2.5-hour Sessions
A direct route from your Vision to your Brand Identity. 

Bespoke Consultancy & Troubleshooting

Flexible Sessions
Strategic input on any aspect of brand communication. 

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