Set Your Course

Set Your Course

A 3-part Interactive Workshop with Practical, Hands-on Activities

This workshop is currently in development. For a limited period, it’s being offered free of charge in return for feedback, which will be used in fine-tuning ahead of the official launch. If you’d be interested in taking part in this pilot process, please get in touch (+).

  • Suitable for: Boards and Senior Teams from Individual Common Good Organisations
  • Duration: 3 x 2.5-hour Sessions, no more than 1 week apart.
  • Platform: Zoom during this pilot process.
  • Focus: A direct route from your Vision, Mission and Values to your Brand Identity.
  • Participants: Up to 8
  • Synopsis, Learning Outcomes & Outputs
    • Over the course of the three sessions, we’ll work together to:
      • Examine your Vision, Mission and Values.
      • Note the Strategic Pathways you follow to work towards your Vision and carry out your Mission.
      • Assess these Pathways to establish the key messages (Brand Themes) you need to convey.
      • Draw on your Values to establish the key qualities (Brand Traits) you need to project.
      • Use your Brand Themes and Brand Traits to ensure that the aspirations set out in your Vision, Mission and Values are fully embedded and actively expressed in your brand communications.
    • On completion of the three sessions:
      • You’ll have a clear path linking your Vision, Mission and Values directly to your communication output.
      • You’ll have a set of Brand Themes and Brand Traits that will allow you to monitor your brand strategy and communication output to ensure they continue to reflect your Vision, Mission and Values over time.
      • And you’ll find out how Brand Themes and Brand Traits can be used to guide strategic decisions, align thinking and solve problems in every part of your organisation.
  • What Participants Will Need to Take Part
    • A desktop or laptop computer with good audio and video facilities and a stable internet connection.
    • A willingness to share ideas and contribute to the discussions that the sessions will generate.
  • Price: Free for a Limited Period

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